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From simple disputes to the most complicated cases, our focus is on
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We understand that your business and your needs are unique.
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Postępowanie sądowe

Civil litigation
and mediation

  • court representation in all cases –
    civil, criminal and family law
  • preparation of litigation strategies
  • ADR with expertise in mediation
  • legal opinions focused
    on specific claims
Spory sądowe


  • consulting on forum selection
  • coordinating strategies for litigation
  • serving as local counsel in Poland
  • our team has strong links with foreign lawyers from
    the EU (Germany, Italy, France) and the US
Umowy gospodarcze


  • contracts drafting, with special regard
    to the construction business and FMCG
  • analysis and opinions on draft contracts,
    including tax-related issues
  • international and multiple-language
  • choice of law provisions in international
Postępowanie karne


  • defense in criminal cases,
    including criminal tax cases
  • representation of victims, subsidiary prosecutors
    and other parties in criminal cases
  • criminal tax issues analysis
Postępowanie karne

Tax expertise

  • tax planning
  • proceedings before tax authorities
  • representation in administrative courts proceedings
  • VAT refund proceedings

our team

JKS Adwokaci is a team of three experienced Partners, with the support of Associates and Of Counsel. Depending on the needs of your case, we regularly bring in paralegals and technical personnel. Together our team is able to master even the most complicated and challenging projects.


of counsel

  • First team photo

    Marta I. Jagła

    Advocate, a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (2005) and of the School of American Law, a joint program of Wrocław University and the Chicago-Kent College of Law (2012).

    Member of the Kraków Bar Chamber since 2007.

    Martha has several years
    of experience in legal practice having worked for numerous law offices
    in Krakow. She also worked
    as a in-house lawyer for the local supermarket chain, as well as for one of the biggest retail companies in the world. Martha has experience in drafting and analyzing contracts, primarily in the FMCG and construction industries. In addition, she has years of experience litigating family law cases.

    Marta speaks Polish and English.

    Michał P. Kaczmarzyk

    Advocate, a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (2005) and the School of American Law, a joint program of Wrocław University and the Chicago-Kent College of Law (2012).

    Member of the Kraków Bar Chamber since 2007.

    Michał concentrates his practice in civil litigation, with particular emphasis
    on commercial disputes in the construction industry. With prior experience as in- house counsel
    at a large construction company, Michał combines legal skills with
    a real-world business perspective.
    In addition, Michał has significant experience in cross-border litigation. On behalf of a European client which purchased a defective industrial machine, Michał led a team
    of international lawyers who filed
    a suit in the United States
    and obtained a favorable settlement in less than one year’s time. Within the EU, Michał has counseled international clients on matters involving property restitution, and has also advised cultural institutions and artists on commercial issues.

    Michał speaks Polish, English and French.

    Joanna D. Szpiega-Bzdoń

    Advocate, a graduate of Jagiellonian University in Kraków (2003), postgraduate Local Government Management studies at MISTiA (2005) and the 24th Course on Mediation at KSM(2005)

    Member of the Kraków Bar Chamber since 2008.

    Joanna built her career working for both public and private entities. She
    is a lecturer and has conductedmany in-house professional training sessions for NGOs. As a permanent mediator affiliated with the District Court in Kraków she has successfully mediated many civil, family and criminal cases. As a legal writer, Joanna has successfully focused attention on mob-related issues. She has also written on issues at the crossroads of criminology and labour law, particularly workplace violence and discrimination. Joanna
    received top honors in Kraków City Council essay contest, writing on "How To Effectively Prevent Domestic Violence–“NiebieskaKarta”(2004). She is experienced in international family law cases (Italy, France) and criminal proceedings.

    Joanna is a member of the Polish Kennel Club.

    Joanna speaks Polish and Italian.

  • Second team photo

    Richard H. Maurer

    Of Counsel, graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC (1993) and of the Juilliard School, New York, NY (1989).

    Admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and before the Supreme Court of the United States. Before starting his own practice in 2011, Richard was elected Partner in a large law firm
    in Philadelphia. Richard has twenty years of litigation experience, ranging from the defense of product liability cases on behalf of Ford Motor Company, to defending shipyards and maritime contractors in personal injury and indemnity claims. Richard is also a published legal author,
    of works on Internet defamation and accessory liability. Richard is able
    to guide international clients through the procedural maze of US Courts, providing cost-effective ways
    to achieve favorable outcomes
    in a system where the quality
    of counsel is crucial to success.

    Richard speaks English and German.


We understand that success follows strategic growth.
Our team is open to discussions with all lawyers interested in growing
their practice through innovative cooperation.

We are ready to work with experienced lawyers,
from experts in their fields,
to new lawyers on the threshold of their career

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